There are several styles of pre wedding cinematography that you definitely want to know. It is said that the pre-wedding part is the part which makes everyone busy the most since there are so many things to do in this part, including shooting a pre-wedding cinematography. Well, let’s see the list of styles!

1. Documentary style
Well, you have ever seen a documentary film, have you not? If you have, then, it is highly possible that you understand the key of a documentary film, which is to provide an honest record of an event that happens in actual life. Now, apply the principle mentioned earlier into the cinematography you are about to make for your pre-wedding!
To create a cinematography with a documentary style, there is nothing complicated the couple needs to do. All you have to do is to act as natural as possible and do anything you want to do and wherever you want to go, but make sure that everything is natural. The videographer only needs to record the video.

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2. Cinematic style
While the previous is natural, this pre wedding cinematography is dramatic. If you compare the documentary style with the cinematic, you will notice that they are strikingly different since the latter needs a script and an organized approach to make. But both of them are excellent types of cinematography!
To make it, you have an additional task to do, which is to hire a director capable enough to direct your actions. However, this might need more money. To avoid spending too much, you can also ask for guidance from the videographer as a cheaper alternative. However, the videographer needs to have enough skill.


3. Narrative style
It is pretty simple to make cinematography with this kind of style. All you have to do is to create a video and put a narrative voice to tell the story of the video. By incorporating interviews and testimonies, the videographer can employ any strategies he/she wants to make the video. Usually, the video is shot first, then, the voice is recorded later and put into the video.

4. Photo and video montage style
This is the most suitable style of cinematography for a couple who wish to conserve time and money. This is because the style is the cheapest and fastest one of all the styles mentioned here. To make, you only need to shoot a few scenes and combine them with several old photos of you and your couple. To make it more interesting, you also may insert music. Well, those are the pre wedding cinematography styles you need to know!