There are several photo studios in the city of Semarang you can use for your pre wedding photography. Well, if you live in the city and are looking for proper photo studios, then, this is the right article you can read. Let’s check them out!

1. Prewedding Semarang Mukti Foto
This photo studio deserves to be mentioned first due to two facts no one can object. First, it is one of the most popular photo studios that most people of Semarang know and love to hire. The second fact that makes it deserve to be mentioned first is that it is very cheap to have this studio’s service in order to make photography for the sake of your pre-wedding. The lowest option this studio offers for a pre-wedding photography session is only IDR 1.2 million, while the most expensive is still pretty low, which is only for IDR 6 million. There are other options that also do not cost too much money. If you are interested, you can come to Kebonharjo Raya Street no. 11 in North Semarang District to find where it is located.

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2. Four Seasons Wedding Photography
Now, let’s mention the next photo studio for your pre wedding photography. Unlike the previous studio which offers several photography services, this one specializes in pre-wedding and wedding photography. Well, for the quality, it is pretty high since the studio is confident enough to serve customers from two countries, which are Indonesia and Singapore. However, you will need to notice that the service offered can be pretty expensive for some people. Well, the money spent is worth it for the photo made! To hire a service from this studio, you can go to its address, which is Bukit Hijau Street Block G1 no. 56 Semarang.

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3. Jonas Photo
This name might be familiar to you since the franchise has already owned several studios in the island Java, including those in Bandung, Jakarta, and of course, Semarang. This studio is famous for its quality, which is pretty high, and also, unfortunately, its price, which is pretty high as well! Well, aside from its price, the studio offers several photography services, and one of them is pre-wedding photography. If you are wondering the location of this studio, well, you can find it in Diponegoro Street no. 45, Gajahmungkur District, Semarang. Well, have you considered which photo studio you want to use for your pre wedding photography?

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