When we talk about bridesmaids we soon think of cute little girls who walk in front of the bride when they come in and sprinkle sweetly the rose petals. Such a beautiful day for your wedding you naturally want to share with your sisters and girlfriends. Invite them not only, but go a step further and ask them to fulfill the great role as maid of honor.

They also know the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You will probably immediately think of a group of ladies and gentlemen who are standing next to the bride and groom in the same outfit. And especially the quarrels about which dresses are worn. Too American and over the top, we say. But is that also true? What is the deeper meaning of bridesmaids? Not only that it is nice on the picture (important detail, though).

Bridesmaid is a tradition that goes way back. In Roman times, unmarried women were required to join the bride, even dressed in the same way, to protect the bride from evil spirits.

In some traditions, groomsmen were called “Bride’s Knights” because they carried the bride away at the wedding. Best-case scenario: They took her from her disapproving family members to be reunited with the man she loved, and protected her from the kidnappers (hm?). The other, darker scenario: they were the kidnappers of the bride. It is believed that the ” best man” role comes from the 16th century Germanic Goths, as the groom who kidnapped the bride. The best man stood next to the bride during the ceremony to prevent enemies or relatives from coming to fetch her and making sure she did not run away. Yikes! It had nothing to do with coziness, they were there to protect and testify.

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Fortunately, bridesmaids and bridesmen today have many other tasks than those of their ancestors. They are, shall we say, the PAs of the bride. They are constantly there to help her, to help her and they extinguish all the small fires before the bride herself finds out. A bridesmaid can have different tasks before and during the wedding. The bridesmaids help to pick out the dress, organize your bachelor party and on the day they hold the train, they take care of the guestbook and accompany the guests. And in the evening … then, of course, they make sure that everyone gets loose on the dance floor! Make sure that every maid of honor gets her own task, to avoid crooked faces.

The bridesmaids are not just ceremonial, they have a real task. In addition to that task, it is a wonderful way to give the women who mean a lot to you, as a bride, a confirmation of their role. Your besties are often the ones you know very well and you know longer than your fiancé. They know the ups and downs and have supported you during heartbreak and share in all your moments of happiness. The job of a bridesmaid is a big deal because it means that you are very important to the bride. In general, it is sisters and/or best friends who get this task. Of course it does not matter how many bridesmaids you choose, but in general, there are max five. Besides the real task, it is a very nice way to have your friends around you and give them that special role!

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Then there is of course also the aesthetic aspect – it is simply very beautiful to have a bridal party, including groomsmen, who wear a beautiful outfit. You have multiple options in this respect. You can have all the bridesmaids wear the same dress in the same color, one that you have chosen or in consultation with all bridesmaids. You can send a mood board of colors that fit you nicely together and ask if they want to choose a color from a dress that is available in multiple colors – a mix of the same dress. You can also use the bridesmaids letting go in the type of dress they want to wear – the way in which you make a whole of them is let them choose from a color palette.

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For example, if you want to have everything in blush pink, make a few color options and send them through (or go shopping together) and let them choose a dress yourself. If one of the elements – model, color or palette – is the same then it will always be a whole. Personally, I prefer the last option, let the bridesmaids choose the model themselves, then it is first a dress that they can wear more often and leave your personalities free. The job of bridesmaid is a lot less fun if you wear a dress that is not comfortable or that is not your style.

I love the deeper meaning of bridesmaids, but what do you think about having a wedding party? Do you think it can also be done at a wedding this way?