Suitable Long Plus Size Formal Lace Dress Jacket for Mother of Bride

Some wedding events are set up to be formal. This demands the guests to wear formal suits or formal wedding gowns. So do the parents of the bride and the groom. What is the suitable dress for mother of the bride? If you are bored with only a piece of gown, you can try to mix and match it with a long formal lace dress jacket. Don’t worry if you have a curvaceous body. Then how to get long mother of the bride plus size formal lace dress jacket? Check the tips below.

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Tips to Choose Long Plus Size Formal Lace Dress Jacket for Mother of Bride

If you want to get your mother long plus size formal lace jacket, you need to consider the color first. If your wedding event is rich of white color, you can match your mother dress jacket with the color of white too, or very light yellow is still acceptable. If the theme is in blue color, you can get her more variations of blue, like midnight blue, dark blue, or soft blue.

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As your mother maybe is a bit curvaceous, find the stretch lace dress jacket which will ease her to move and enjoy the event. Since this dress jacket is going to be an outer, choose the simple model of the inner dress. Show every inch of its beauty by picking up a lace dress jacket with some beads and rhinestones. For a formal look, collared one can be an option.

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