How to Pick Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses – Being bridesmaid is an honor but it can be a tense situation what with all the eyes in the church are set on you. The bridesmaid dresses have to be perfect.

maternity bridesmaid dresses wfU01a maternity bridesmaid dresses wfU01b maternity bridesmaid dresses wfU01c maternity bridesmaid dresses wfU01dIf you are pregnant and your friend ask you to be her bridesmaid, do not reject it just because you think that your baby bump will get in the way of finding bridesmaid dress journey. Maternity bridesmaid dresses are easy to find if you know how, just like this:

  • Keep it simple. Do not tempt with ruffle dresses or cute large bow because they all will make you look much bigger. Choose the dress with simple style.
  • Custom dress. We know that finding bridesmaid dresses which fits your size will be difficult. If you cannot find the right size, don’t let it deter you. You can make the customize dress with the same fabric of other bridesmaid dresses.
  • Do the final fitting in the couple days before the D-day. You baby bump will keep growing from time to time. If you do the final fitting long before the D-day, your maternity bridesmaid dressesmay no longer fit on you. As the result you have to alter the dress once more.
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