A Traditional Customs of Asian Wedding Decoration Ideas

Asian wedding is always thick with traditional customs and rich with cultural value and meaning. Starting from decoration, clothes, foods, and some holy rituals they believe as necessary to get a happy wedding life. Here are some Asian wedding decoration ideas you can use as reference!

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Wedding Reception Decorations

Wedding Reception Decorations

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Traditional Theme

In a wedding, 2 different family form different ethnics will meet and become one family. Before arrange everything for your wed, it’s better to make some agreement on what ethnic your wedding will be. After deciding the theme, it’s time to move to decoration. Some ethic usually have a special color or some unique decorations that could represent some special meaning for a wedding. You can you that to decorate your wedding hall. Make the room as traditional as possible but still unique and comfortable.


Once decoration is done, now it’s time for foods arrangement. Since the main theme for the wedding is traditional, its makes sense to provide some traditional and unique foods to serve your guests.


Entertaining your guest is a must, especially when you plan out a pretty long wedding ceremony. Perform your ethnic traditional drama, sing, dance or game is best option to keep your guest entertain. Choose any of them that you think uncommon, so it’ll be different from the other wedding.

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